What can I do to ensure my transactions are correctly tracked?

The vast majority of transactions completed via Quanti are tracked accurately. It is extremely unusual for there to be any issues with tracking a transaction. On rare occasions however, it's possible for something to go wrong. Often, this can be because of a problem with your browser settings. See here for more information on enabling cookies and ensuring that your browser is correctly configured. Anti-viral or anti-spyware installed on your computer could also interfere and prevent transactions from being correctly tracked. Alternatively, firewall or other security software could be disabling cookies and preventing Quanti from tracking the purchase you've made on our retail partner's site. If you're experiencing problems with tracking your transactions, check the following:

  • Make sure you're logged into your Quanti account on our website while shopping online.
  • Always start the shopping process on our website, and from there click through to the retailer's online store by following the supplied link.
  • Once you've added items to your basket or generated a quote, don't click through from our website again.
  • Ensure that you complete your purchase after clicking through to our retail partner's website. Do not visit anywhere else in between finalising the transaction.
  • Do not use unauthorised discount codes or third party offers sourced elsewhere while trying to shop via Quanti on our retail partners' websites.
  • Make sure your browser is set up correctly. See here for more information on how to ensure that your browser is correctly configured.
  • Where possible, we would advise you to clear the cookies stored on your computer prior to browsing Quanti.

Posted by Administrator on 01/06/2007

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